The Resilience Security Lock Up service in Bradford brings genuine peace of mind that your premises have been correctly secured at the end of each working day and opened for staff first thing in the morning.

Remote Open / Close

Increasingly our clients enjoy the many benefits of a remote open and close service all performed by highly trained control room personnel from ‘The Vaults’, our NSI ‘Gold’ ARC/RVRC
  • Carbon footprint reduced (No vehicle attendance required with remote service)
  • Lone Worker Issues Eradicated (Samson remotely monitor premises)
  • Cost Savings (Remote service cost efficient alternative to vehicle patrolman)

Manual Open / Close

For clients who just want a physical presence a mobile supervisor will arrive just before the end of the working day and check that all staff have left the building. They then patrol and check the entire building to make sure all the windows and doors are closed and that all non-essential equipment is turned off. The mobile supervisor will then set the alarm, lock up and leave, returning in the morning to open the premises up for the next day. The Lock Up service is ideal for you if you operate a business with multiple locations or if you work long and unsociable hours, because it takes away the time-consuming task of locking and unlocking your properties. By using our Lock Up service you don’t have to be the first to arrive and last to leave which means you can go home with one less thing to worry about.