Close Protection is guarding one or more individuals against assaults or injuries that might be suffered in consequence of the unlawful conduct of others. At Resilience Security we offer this service as and when it is needed. Our experts have had the honours of working with big stars from Hollywood to Bollywood. Have a look at our gallery to see our professionals at work. Close Protection tasks are essentially an operation where an individual or a team of CPOs supply a complete protection service to a client such as a business executive, celebrity or high net worth group who feel, or have actually been, threatened. These threats can be written, verbal, physical; actual or implied through a variety of mediums. Once defined, the levels of threat will be categorised as Low, Medium or High Risk. Resilience Security would place more emphasis on avoidance and maintaining a low profile, without any need for CPOs to be armed. High Risk in general implies the threat of kidnap or assassination requiring the deployment of armed CPOs and Armoured vehicles for protection. In all instances the aim of the CP Team is to extract the client away from any potential harm with minimum engagement or attention. Once the threat has been established through discussions with the client or his/her representatives, then followed by applicable research and security risk assessments; the unique and wholly appropriate operational requirement can be designed and costed taking into account the clients profile, culture and image to counter any threats, ideally without overly impinging into the Client’s private and family life. It is fair to say that Resilience Security will introduce a great deal of reassurance and efficiency regarding travel whilst concurrently managing access and overall security of the client’s residence, place of work and holiday locations. This may include advice on the best use of Alarms systems, CCTV and Access Control. The Team Leader will be the focus for liaison and forward planning and normally remains in continual close contact with the Client’s PA or nominated person.